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Positive attitude linked to healthy eating

According to a new study, people with a positive attitude are more likely to eat healthily. The research led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) examined the motivational role of a theory called regulatory focus on consumers' involvement in nutrition, that is, the time and effort they put in to finding out about nutrition and seeking out nutritious food.

12:55:01 on 19 Mar

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Looking for ways to stay fresh and keep a check on body odour all day long? Are those same old deodorants not good enough? Then switch to aromatic talcum powders that will work instantly to make you feel and smell good. Make some changes in your beauty routine and include these popular talcs to stay at the top of your game.

11:57:02 on 18 Mar

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Holi will be celebrated with the usual frolic throughout the country in a few days. The primary risk which Holi brings along with itself is exposure to harmful chemicals in the form of Holi colours. To play it safe, it is important to use non-synthetic colours which are not harmful to your skin. Here is a list of recipes for herbal colours.

11:25:01 on 18 Mar

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In a first, scientists have identified compounds found in coffee which may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. The study, published in the journal The Prostate, was carried out on drug-resistant cancer cells in cell culture and in a mouse model. Coffee is a complex mixture of compounds which has been shown to influence human health in both positive and negative ways.

05:00:50 on 18 Mar

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Protein shakes and vitamin supplements may be regular for some gym freaks, but it's not the common diet of the Internet's latest body-builder. In-fact, her diet mostly consists of bananas. If you've not picked up on the clues already, this body-building sensation isn't human but our more primitive cousin - a monkey.

01:31:35 on 18 Mar

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Sheet masks are often made of cotton or hydrogel, which may be compostable as pure materials, but are also saturated with chemicals and skincare ingredients that make them non-biodegradable and certainly not organic. Plus, the packaging is either plastic film, aluminium or a mix of materials, which are generally not able to be recycled, or else only by specialist services.

12:40:01 on 18 Mar

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I realised that great marks don’t really help us in our daily lives. Eventually, we all find jobs (and that wasn’t even on the cards for me back then) and would it really matter to our bosses if we’d scored 95 in Math? I didn’t think so. What mattered was the ability to work now rather than past victories in exams.

12:10:01 on 18 Mar

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Can Exercise Help Ease Depression?

Is there evidence to support the idea that exercise can have an effect on depression? And if so, how much exercise? A number of research studies have been done to answer those questions and others. Any treatment for depression works for some people, but not for everybody. That's true for medication, talk therapy and exercise alike.

11:18:41 on 18 Mar

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According to a recent study, improvements in memory were noted in obese older women who took three times the recommended dose of vitamin D. However, it was also seen that their reactions were slower. The slower reaction time may have other negative outcomes such as potentially increasing the risk of falling and fractures.

12:55:02 on 18 Mar

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A Sea of Taste

SETTING sail from the shores of Sri Lanka, chef Lakshitha Madushan and chef Hiren Madushanka from the island country are in Chandigarh to curate an authentic feast titled, ‘Sri Lankan Serenade’ at The Café@JW. Every delicacy here offers diners an insight into Sri Lanka’s rich culinary culture.

11:55:01 on 17 Mar

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Don’t crack that egg. Here’s sombre news for all the egg lovers out there. A recent study found that egg yolk contains higher level of cholesterol which ultimately increases the chances of heart disease and early death. Egg yolks are one of the richest sources of dietary cholesterol among all commonly consumed foods.

11:27:01 on 17 Mar

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Increased use of digital media may be partly responsible for the growth in the percentage of young adults experiencing certain types of mental health disorders in the US over the past decade, suggests new research. Research also shows that young people are not sleeping as much as they did in previous generations.

07:09:35 on 17 Mar

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Oh hello summer: How to wear white right

Attention ladies and gentlemen- if black slims, does white make you look weightier? India’s top fashion experts tell you how to go colourless with style. Break the monotony of white by brightening the white dress with colour. Or, layer the minimal white trouser-top with a monochromatic blazer. Avoid colour-blocking if you’re chubby as it can make you look short.

11:27:02 on 17 Mar

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Detoxing is our body’s way of recharging itself, just like a cell phone and other electronic gadgets. Just the way a cell phone slows down when there are too many apps on it, our body slows down when it is cluttered with toxins, tensions, thoughts and pressures of everyday life. Removing unwanted toxins and pressures from your body will relax and rejuvenate your body

03:55:01 on 17 Mar

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A bad gut feeling

Candidiasis is a form of yeast overgrowth. Candida grows inside our bodies, especially the digestive tract (mouth, throat, esophagus, colon), genito-urinary tract, sinuses, lungs, conjunctiva, skin and nails. It grows most commonly in warm, moist environment and on the tissue lining our organs, including mucus membranes.

01:55:01 on 17 Mar

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The presence of oral bacteria in cystic pancreatic tumours is associated with the severity of the tumour, a new study suggests. The results can help to reappraise the role of bacteria in the deve. of pancreatic cysts. If further studies show that the bacteria actually affects the pathological process, it could lead to new therapeutic strategies using antibacterial agents.

01:25:01 on 17 Mar

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An Indian businessman died hours after undergoing a hair transplant surgery. According to reports, he died after he showed symptoms of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction. These days, getting a hair transplant done has become a common option for hairloss. However, it is very important to know a few things before considering a hair transplant.

11:57:02 on 16 Mar

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Improve gut health with green tea

Green Tea has once again been found as the Hail Mary for not just obesity, but various other inflammatory biomarkers linked with poor health, finds a recent study. The study was done on mice to find out what other benefits can green tea provide and was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

11:27:01 on 16 Mar

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Polar bear cub makes debut at Berlin zoo

A polar bear cub took its first hesitant steps outside its enclosure at the Tierpark Berlin zoo on Friday, stumbling awkwardly into a rock-lined pool under the watchful gaze of her mother, nine-year-old Tonja. The bear was born on December 1 but has spent three and a half months living in darkness with her mother inside her enclosure.

06:52:27 on 16 Mar

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Researchers have identified that an extract from avocado seeds exhibited anti-inflammatory properties in a laboratory study. The team, including Joshua Lambert from Penn State, said that it represents a potential source for novel anti-inflammatory compounds that could be developed as a functional food ingredient or pharmaceuticals.

04:37:41 on 16 Mar

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The Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week going has been entertaining and educating in terms of breaking stereotypes and inclusivity. The past two days of the event tried to portray art, theatre, culture along with the identity crisis of Kashmiri people. The event also involved having a fashion apparels for curvy women. Let's take a look at Amrich's costumes.

02:39:04 on 16 Mar

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The Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week going has been entertaining and educating in terms of breaking stereotypes and inclusivity. The past two days of the event tried to portray art, theatre, culture along with the identity crisis of Kashmiri people. The event also involved having a fashion apparels for curvy women. Let's take a look at Aartivijay Gupta's costumes.

02:37:10 on 16 Mar

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The relationship between children and pets is adorable and in most cases, it’s very much like a bond between siblings. A resourceful dad in China decided to take this relationship a little further. Wanting his daughter to concentrate on her homework, the man in southwestern China’s Guizhou province got an adorable supervisor to watch over her – their dog.

01:35:41 on 16 Mar

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For breast cancer survivors, the risk of tumours returning casts a long shadow, with recurrence possible up to 2 decades after a diagnosis. But new research could help identify those most in danger. Doctors have traditionally relied on factors such as the size and grade of a tumour at diagnosis, lymph node involvement and a patient’s age to determine their risk of relapse.

03:56:01 on 16 Mar

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The way most of us speak today is shaped in part by how long ago our ancestors gave up chewing tough, raw meat. It’s widely known that languages evolve as societies develop and change, but the sounds we utter are also shaped, literally, by the placement of our jaw — and that is influenced by how we chew our food, researchers report Thursday in the journal Science.

03:25:01 on 16 Mar

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10 Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

If you find yourself pouring on dry shampoo and having to fight off the urge to wash your hair on a daily basis, you should know that the main secret to fighting oily strands is in your shampoo. We consulted with celebrity hairstylists, including Jenny Cho, Torsten Witte, and Scotty Cunha, for expert recommendations. Shop 10 shampoos that will cut grease.

01:55:01 on 16 Mar

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The world is full of tick boxes, particularly in our social lives. We want answers and RSVPs, and we want them now. From the cult of the ‘yes man’ to the ‘it’s okay to say no’ revolution – as celebrated in countless lifestyle columns – it sometimes feels like we’re caught in a tug-of-war between definitives.

01:25:01 on 16 Mar

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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” These words by the French poet Gérard de Nerval talk of the beauty of a flower, beauty it extends to our lives. Flowers also make for great beauty ingredients. Their extracts, being rich in vitamins and antioxidants, help cleanse, moisturise, and nourish the skin, and their healing properties can fix a host of skin concerns.

12:55:01 on 16 Mar

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A master often guides a student. But, when the master lets the student develop his/her own identity that’s when unique styles come up. This can be witnessed in the canvases on display at the group exhibition titled Individual Palettes. The works show how artists have found their individual styles, and how the masters have let the students play with their creativity.

11:57:01 on 15 Mar

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Sleep right, wake up bright!

It is a well-known fact that sleep has a direct bearing on overall health. A good night’s sleep is as important as a healthy lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. Unfortunately, worldwide, people are experiencing sleep disorders arising from changing lifestyles, eating habits, stress, long working hours, etc.

11:27:01 on 15 Mar

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The internet is changing how we converse with the dead. While the bereaved have traditionally visited graves or burial sites to talk to deceased loved ones, some are now turning to digital spaces to continue their bonds with the dead. Death-tech companies such as Eternime and LifeNaut now even offer ways for the dead to be digitally resurrected using AI.

07:24:59 on 15 Mar

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A British Univ went all out to tell us what all elements are present in our phones. A team of scientists at the University of Plymouth conducted an experiment in which they put a phone in a blender and converted it into powder to find out what actually goes into making one. At the end of the blending process, they were able to break down the contents to 7 petri dishes.

07:18:53 on 15 Mar

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A video on Facebook claiming that Nestle’s instant noodles brand Maggi contains pig fat is being extensively circulated on social media. A video posted by Facebook page Secret Indian TV’ claims to reveal the truth behind Maggi. It further says flavour enhancer used in packaged food is made from pig fat.

05:44:00 on 15 Mar

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I turned lab rat to look at the importance of sleep and that is how I learnt to pay attention to a previously ignored aspect of my health. Lack of sleep is behind problems like depression, hypertension, heart issues, loss of appetite, weight gain, ageing, loss of memory, skin problems - to name only a few.

05:29:10 on 15 Mar

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Last month, Nike began selling shoes that lace themselves, much like Marty McFly's sneakers in "Back to the Future 2." The $350 Adapt BB shoes wirelessly connect to a phone to tighten and loosen with an app. Then a dream from 1989 met the exhausting reality of 2019. It exposed a truth: When something connects to the Internet, you're not really in control of it.

05:25:10 on 15 Mar

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Young designers ready to challenge the rules of the game - Day 2 at Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week was largely about presenting something out of the box. Whether it was Huemn’s experimental play with Blacklight, Prashant Verma’s theatrical presentation or Nitin Bal Chauhan’s graphic novel-inspired act, there was a clear attempt to break-free from labels and stereotypes.

05:24:09 on 15 Mar

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An Indian businessman died hours after undergoing hair transplant surgery. According to reports, he died after he showed symptoms of anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction. These days, getting a hair transplant done has become a common option for those who experience hair loss. However, it is very important to know a few things before considering a hair transplant.

04:56:02 on 15 Mar

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5 Ways To Power Dress Like A Boss!

Power dressing originated in the 20s and 30s when women decided to take matters in their own hands. They ditched their flouncy skirts, corseted waists and long hems to switch to more practical and bold attires. To put it simply, power dressing has a whole new meaning for the woman of today and Varsha Abhay helps you decode that.

04:25:02 on 15 Mar

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March 15 is celebrated as World Sleep Day, a day dedicated to celebrating both sleep and the important health issues related to it. Of all the problems related to sleep including medicine intake, the quality and quantity, and the effect on appetite, we usually neglect the most basic aspect which is sleeping position.

02:56:17 on 15 Mar

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9 Best Summer Hair Colors to Try for 2019

After what felt like a never-ending winter, it’s nice to be able to set our sights toward spring (and beyond). And since summer 2019 is finally on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to preview what’s trending in hair colour. I spoke to three celebrity hairstylists to see what their clients are requesting—and what you should anticipate seeing as the Next Big Thing.

01:25:01 on 15 Mar

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Thanks to the incredible range of styles, colourways and embellishments amping up our denim these days, it's never been easier to express our individuality through a humble pair of jeans. One style that's currently experiencing a major resurgence though, according to the shopping platform, is Mom jeans.

12:56:01 on 15 Mar

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If the idea of having to have a conversation with your Dad about periods makes you squirm, you're not alone. That's precisely why Hey Girls, a social enterprise launched to help tackle period poverty in the UK, have kickstarted a nationwide campaign to get the conversation flowing around periods - specifically, for the Dads in our lives.

12:25:02 on 15 Mar

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The bard may have written that we should "sleep, perchance to dream", the stresses of modern life and work are leading companies around the world to urge their employees to "sleep, perchance to earn". This is due to spiralling economic losses being caused by lack of sleep, as employees are increasingly taking their work home, and subsequently losing out on rest.

11:45:16 on 15 Mar

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It is commonly believed that a bad mood can negatively affect how you treat others, however recent studies have revealed that it also has the power to make you more distrustful. According to a recent study, negative emotions reduce how much we trust others, even if these emotions were triggered by events that have nothing to do with the decision to trust.

10:59:55 on 15 Mar

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'Asha' was rescued by West Bengal police when they found her being mistreated outside their training facility. Officers originally intended keeping the mixed-breed stray as a pet, but Asha turned out to have a nose every bit as good as the German Shepherds and Labradors usually trained to sniff out explosives and drugs.

10:26:22 on 15 Mar

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Want to cut that extra flab? Drinking green tea can help reduce obesity as well as inflammation in the gut, finds a study. The findings, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, showed that mice fed a high-fat diet supplemented with green tea gained about 20% less weight and had lower insulin resistance than mice fed an otherwise identical diet without tea.

05:27:01 on 15 Mar

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Looking for work satisfaction? Expressing gratitude to a colleague would improve their life and yours, a recent study suggests. From an organisational, policy and leadership perspective, according to the researchers, employers should create formal or informal opportunities for people to express gratitude. Gratitude can work wonders at workplace.

04:27:01 on 15 Mar

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With the advent of healthy and mindful eating in recent times, people across the world are looking for healthy products. Kale, being one such product, has emerged as one of the super foods that offer wholesome goodness for healthy living. Kale is a part of the brassica oleracea species that includes similar green leafy veggies like cauliflower and cabbage.

03:56:01 on 15 Mar

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One of the most popular style trends that's been ruling the charts this season is whites. Yes, the craze for chic whites is not over yet. Whole of last summer-autumn we saw this classic hue getting major love, and this year too, it is back to becoming a favourite pick. From pretty lace dresses and chikankari kurtas to standout tops, white is the flavour of the season.

02:25:02 on 15 Mar

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If there’s anything you should be super diligent about, it’s your daily sunscreen application. In fact, it’s your thrice-a-day sunscreen application. It’s important to slather it on no matter where you’re spending your day, whether you’re indoors, on a flight, playing a sport, by the pool, working in a cubicle, out at lunch, down for a walk or in transit.

01:55:01 on 15 Mar

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A majority of office-goers in India want commuting time to be included in their working hours, according to IWG Global Workspace survey. Over 80% of the companies in India are introducing flexible working to help attract and retain employees. IWG, one of the world’s leading flexible workspace provider, released a study based on insights of over 15,000 professionals.

12:55:01 on 15 Mar

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Our kids are playing the world’s most complex game of Broken Telephone. And they will need to know that hearing is not the same thing as listening, especially when we’re gossiping with hyperconnected digital tools. To accurately transform whispered data into information and knowledge, they’ll need to understand rapidly changing geopolitical climates.

12:25:02 on 15 Mar

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Transforming wavy hair into a stick-straight style often involves the copious use of chemicals, hair dryers, and flat irons—all amped up to their highest, most follicle-damaging heat settings. But women have been straightening their hair for decades without heat, too—long before ceramic plates, tourmaline, or ionic who's-it-what's-its were even a glimmer in T3's eye.

11:57:02 on 14 Mar

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Nothing comes between you and your S.O. ― except the food you ordered. That’s something artist Priscila Barbosa understands on a deep, gut level. Five years into living with her partner, she knows the struggle to share is real. Here’s how she captured that hard-hitting relationship issue in a comic exclusive to HuffPost:

11:27:01 on 14 Mar

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Ice branding or ice stamping is a ‘no heat required’ act, which is slowly taking over the upper echelons of bars across the country and Roxanne is one of the few in her field who’s been furthering this. She explains, the ice branding movement started in Japan where the progressive bartending community is incredibly focussed and creative.

06:45:59 on 14 Mar

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I know, I know—we’re still in the middle of winter. But summer is actually not that far away, and because it is way more fun to think about than the snow and cold temps, let’s talk about the trends you absolutely need to know about once the temps rise again in 2019. From feathers and crochet to tie-dye and polka dots, you don’t want to miss out on these!

03:56:01 on 14 Mar

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Pink cheeks, purple lips and other glaring colours settled in corners of our nails, it is only on Holi that we are willing to be out in the sun in our most garish avatars. This is perhaps what makes it one of our favourite festivals of all times. Holi preparations have begun in full swing. Here are some of our most favourite dessert recipes you can cook this Holi.

03:14:02 on 14 Mar

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Move over, flossing. The Internet has a new dance to obsess over, and it's called the triangle dance. The deceptively simple-looking dance is sweeping over social media, and everyone seems to be trying it out. To do the triangle dance, three people arrange themselves in a triangle with linked arms and jump in between each other. Sounds simple enough?

02:33:38 on 14 Mar

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India’s first Green Heart Fashion Show

The Indian fashion industry is witnessing a trend revolution with fashion designers advocating the use of eco-friendly fashion. Liva partnered with FDCI to showcase India’s first Green Heart Fashion Show. The show highlighted the commitment of the brand towards breaking the myth that revolves around the use of eco-friendly materials.

02:30:38 on 14 Mar

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Three Norwegian lawmakers have nominated Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, who has become a prominent voice in campaigns against climate change, for the Nobel Peace Prize. Freddy Andre Oevstegaard and two other members of the Socialist Left Party said they believe “the massive movement Greta has set in motion is a very important peace contribution.”

01:24:05 on 14 Mar

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Albert Einstein, a German genius, gave the world some groundbreaking theories. The prominent mathematician and physicist, Albert Einstein is best known for his mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc2 and "general theory of relativity". Today, on March 14, the world is celebrating Einstein's 140th birthday. During his lifetime, he gave the world some pearls of wisdom.

01:20:18 on 14 Mar

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People with chronic kidney disease should take utmost care of what they eat and drink. Chronic kidney disease is referred to as a condition which is caused by lasting damage to kidneys - that gets worse with time. On this World Kidney Day, we talk about some natural ways to heal kidneys and prevent kidney problems. Cranberry juice can heal kidneys naturally.

11:42:32 on 14 Mar

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Akash Ambani tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Shloka Mehta recently in a larger than life wedding ceremony and the star-studded functions saw many Bollywood biggies. While all of them were giving us major fashion inspiration, we noticed that most of the actresses were wearing choker necklace which has made it the fashion staple for any Indian wedding or dos.

09:42:02 on 14 Mar

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In case you hadn't heard, Princess Beatrice is currently living her best life and dating Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, and he's a casual multi-millionaire property tycoon. And Beatrice just made things all kinds of the official by trotting him out at the National Portrait Gallery's gala last night—making this their first public appearance.

01:55:01 on 14 Mar

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In November of 2017, Stacy Lynch, daughter of Bill Lynch, famed democratic political strategist and the mastermind behind New York City’s first black mayor David Dinkins, convened the first gathering of the Daughters of the Movement. It was for selfish reasons that she made those initial calls for dinner, Stacy said; “I needed a sisterhood.”

12:55:02 on 14 Mar

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10 sexts to turn your partner on instantly

Sex is amazing, but when your partner is away and you just can’t wait for his return, one carefully composed sexy message can go a long way. Whether you’re a sexting virgin or looking to up your sexting game, we’ve put down a list of sexting message ideas that you can try tonight. Here are ten sexts you can use to turn up the heat.

11:57:01 on 13 Mar

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These days you can barely scroll through social media without seeing a post calling out animal cruelty, sexism, cyber bullying etc. If you're looking to become more involved in a project, movement or cause you're passionate about, it may be time to take action. Here are just some ways you can make your voice be heard, loud and clear.

11:27:01 on 13 Mar

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Oprah Winfrey’s intention-setting question has helped her in big moments and in daily decisions, and she says it can do the same for the rest of us. “Whatever you end up with, is what you started with as an intention,” she told the crowd. “Getting that principle changed the trajectory of my entire life.”

10:40:02 on 13 Mar

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Vienna's Unpredictable Vegetable Orchestra

Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra: a 10-piece ensemble from the city of Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart that plays music with instruments made entirely from fresh produce. Over the past 21 years, the group has played nearly 300 shows at packed venues around the globe and performed everything from classical with cabbage to techno with turnips in a rich, rhythmic ratatouille.

10:10:01 on 13 Mar

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A Southern California man is lucky to be alive after he ran into his home, which was completely engulfed with flames, to rescue his beloved pet. Jose Guzman tells PEOPLE that he has no regrets about heading into the massive multi-house blaze in Pala, California, to save his family’s 2-year-old blue nose pit bull named Gabanna.

09:40:01 on 13 Mar

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Back pain typically isn’t something to stress about ― but there are a few specific circumstances in which you might want to, well, watch your back. Lower back pain is extremely common, affecting approximately 1 in 8 people, according to Neel Anand, a professor of orthopaedic surgery and director of spine trauma at Cedars-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles.

09:10:02 on 13 Mar

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Heat wave because of climate change is slowly becoming a deadly force for humans and wildlife on Earth. According to the study published in the journal 'Physiology', summertime is quickly becoming a deadly season for life on Earth. The researchers gathered information from over 140 scientific studies on the topic to come to a proper conclusion.

08:40:01 on 13 Mar

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Cheeses have a bad reputation when it comes to health. People who obsessively watch their weight have a special phobia of cheese, as it is said to raise blood cholesterol levels and lead to weight gain. But not all types of cheese deserve all the hatred that they are subjected to. You should try and include more and more unprocessed or organic cheeses in your diet.

07:23:29 on 13 Mar

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According to a recent study, spending some quality time enjoying nature helps in boosting the learning abilities of children. The results of the study were published in the journal 'Frontiers in Psychology'. The researchers found that nature boosts learning in eight distinct ways. Nature creates a calmer, quieter, and safer setting for learning.

07:17:28 on 13 Mar

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One artist is capturing the special bond between humans and their dogs in her beautiful illustrations. Yaoyao Ma Van As lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their beloved pup, Parker, a Chihuahua-cocker spaniel mix. In her artwork, Ma Van As illustrates many of the adorable little moments dog parents will recognize, inspired by her daily life with Parker.

02:11:36 on 13 Mar

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No fashion week is complete without Bollywood Showstoppers. As the fashion extravaganza, organised by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) kickstarts today we will spot many stars strutting in style on the runway. The weeklong Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week AW ’19 in association with Liva will see actor Karisma Kapoor walk-in Sanjukta Dutta’s creation.

12:23:31 on 13 Mar

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Indulging in risky sexual behaviours puts you at a higher risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and possibly stress. Unprotected sex means having sex (vaginal, anal or oral) without contraception or a condom. The reality is that unprotected sex can happen even with the best intentions, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster.

07:40:02 on 13 Mar

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As the humidity levels start inching upwards with the onset of summer, it may seem like no amount of rigorous shampooing can make your scalp feel squeaky clean again. Cue that Spotify playlist and allow these at-home hair masks to do the hard work for you as you lie back and enjoy your day off.

04:59:22 on 13 Mar

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Celebrities are often lauded for their looks which are bound to make heads turn when they step out. However, much effort goes into creating these looks with hours of brainstorming sessions and designer-stylist collaborations involved in the process. Despite this, there have been occasions when two stars have been spotted wearing similar looking outfits.

04:25:01 on 13 Mar

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Actress Karisma Kapoor will walk the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week (LMIFW) in a Mekhela chador, a traditional Assamese attire, when she turns showstopper for designer Sanjukta Dutta here. Dutta will showcase her new collection 'Morom' — meaning Love in Assamese — at the forthcoming fashion gala, organised by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) on March 14.

03:25:01 on 13 Mar

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Can stripes ever go out of style? We think not and Ranveer Singh is proof. At an event, he looked suave in a navy blue striped 3-piece suit, white sneakers and tinted sunglasses. As per usual, Ranveer's zany look didn't fail to make heads turn but at its heart was the staple stripe. Besides being a fashion classic, it can be worked in numerous ways in men's looks.

02:56:01 on 13 Mar

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Dozens of devil-like figures dance and convulse at the sound of cowbells, chasing onlookers with pitchforks in Alsasua as part of this northern Spanish town’s Carnival. Alsasua is one of several villages in this remote region in the foothills of Pyrenees Mountains that still honour these colourful local festivities whose origin in unknown.

01:25:01 on 13 Mar

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Keto diet – myth vs reality

After you hear the rave about ketogenic diet propelled by various wellness influencers, you might decide to try it yourself. Despite the regular hypes, people are still unsure of the facts associated with ketogenic diet and how does it work. In essence, it is a consumption of certain prep of meals that cause the body to unleash ketones into the bloodstream.

12:25:02 on 13 Mar

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Five herbs for your kitchen garden

Even if you’re strapped for space, the tiniest of kitchens have a sill or a small shelf to accommodate some basic ingredients, which you can consume fresh. There are some herbs, which require very little space to grow, hardly any maintenance and can thrive indoors with very little sunlight. Let’s take a look at what you should include in your kitchen garden.

11:57:01 on 12 Mar

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Last summer, Rebecca Taylor chucked up the deuces to her beloved New York City to set up shop in Paris and unveil a Parisian-inspired lineup for her Fall 2019 ready to wear collection. But as they say, you can take the girl out the city, but you can't take the city out the girl, so for her latest venture, the designer looked to the fast-paced streets of New York City.

11:27:01 on 12 Mar

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Adermatologist was called in for a statement by the police in Mumbai, Maharashtra when a businessman died after undergoing hair transplant at the dermatologist's clinic. The businessman, who was in his early 40s, died on Saturday (March 9). The businessman had symptoms of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction, and suffered multi-organ failure.

06:50:17 on 12 Mar

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Shorter intervals between births are associated with higher mortality rates in babies, finds a new study on macaque monkeys.
The study showed "the risk of a short birth interval in rhesus macaque offspring is contingent on the survival of its older or younger sibling, who may constrain the maternal resources available to it," said a doctoral student at New York University.

06:20:04 on 12 Mar

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Air pollution causes 790,000 premature deaths every year in Europe and 8.8 million worldwide, more than doubling recent assessments, according to a study. Between 40 and 80 percent of those excess deaths are caused by heart attacks, strokes and other types of cardiovascular disease underestimated up to now as a driver of smog-related mortality, researchers reported.

04:57:24 on 12 Mar

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The world’s largest democracy has recently announced its 17th General Elections. With 900 million of India’s 1.3 billion people eligible to vote. If those number themselves are not enough to make you anxious, some of you may find your anxiety levels all over the place. We have an official name for it. It’s called ‘Election Anxiety Disorder.’

04:49:49 on 12 Mar

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People living in India experience the health problems associated with ageing at an early stage than those living in Japan or Switzerland, according to a first-of-its-kind study published in The Lancet Public Health. The study found that a 30-year gap separates countries with the highest and lowest ages at which people experience the health problems of a 65-year-old.

04:35:21 on 12 Mar

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We Need To Talk About Men And Miscarriage

Miscarriage, or the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks, are both highly common and intractably taboo. An outpouring of media coverage, celebrity anecdotes and wrenching personal stories on the topic has helped change that over the past decade or so, but not enough. 40 per cent of the women in that survey who had a miscarriage said they felt very alone

03:25:01 on 12 Mar

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In a poll-bound and politically charged India, brands are learning to tread with caution, especially in communicating their message. Ahead of general elections scheduled to begin on 11 April, Hindustan Unilever Ltd has found itself snared in a couple of controversies for its tea brand Red Label Kumbh Mela campaign and, more recently, for the detergent brand Surf Excel.

12:42:13 on 12 Mar

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MasterG, a training program launched by Gayatri Jolly, is transforming the role of women in fashion production. It was when Gayatri Jolly made the switch from business to fashion that she finally felt at home. “This is where I belong,” she realised on day one of her fashion degree program at the Parsons School of Design in New York.

12:40:02 on 12 Mar

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Raaj Sanghvi of Sanguine is clear that this year’s World Gourmet Festival has to learn and expand on last year’s Michelin starred list of chefs. Since he came on board last year, the focus is on, “Michelin or Asia’s 50 Best [restaurants list], partly because these resonate with Indian diners, and you need something to catch their attention.”

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If you've ever worn leggings with pockets, you've probably wondered why every single pair of workout leggings doesn't have them. If you haven't, get ready to live, girl. From Black Side Pocket Legging to Side-Pocket Compression Leggings to High-Waisted Pocket Legging, here is everything that you need to stock up in your wardrobe.

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While we're all familiar with the struggles of periods in one way or another, there's no denying that every single one is totally unique. Whatever your experience, we asked Emma Cannon, a fertility and women’s health expert, to translate each symptom to reveal any potential clues to your overall mental and physical health.

10:57:01 on 12 Mar

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On the 30th anniversary of the birth of the World Wide Web, Google is celebrating it with a doodle that is a reminder of how things were like in its early years. On March 12, 1989, British physicist Tim Berners-Lee proposed a decentralised system of information management. It signalled the birth of the World Wide Web that is now used by billions of people.

10:05:34 on 12 Mar

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When Cheez Whiz first appeared on grocery store shelves in the early 1950s, it was praised for its long shelf life, convenience and versatility. But over the years, the very characteristics that once made the Kraft cheese product popular have given it a reputation as a premiere American junk food.

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Small talk can often feel like an unavoidable, superficial formality, and most people will try to end it as quickly as possible. Often, the most annoying part of small talk is the expected yet dreaded question: “How are you?” In theory, asking that question is nice — you’re demonstrating to another person that you care about what’s going on in their life.

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‘MIND diet’ may reduce dementia risk

A diet designed for brain health may reduce the risk of developing cognitive impairment and disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A study, published in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia, reviewed the potential protective effects of the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay diet, also known as the MIND diet.

03:55:02 on 12 Mar

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