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It would take about two months’ wages for an average Indian to afford the most basic version of iPhone. A graph by Picodi, a website that provides rebates and discount codes across many countries and many shopping categories, plots the results for 41 other countries too. The results are based on how many days a person would need to work to afford an iPhone XS 64GB variant.

05:25:01 on 22 Sep

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Aiming to take on mobile dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, Facebook on Thursday started testing its new dating product in Colombia. "At first glance, 'Facebook Dating' closely resembles its competitor Hinge. Both depart from the swiping model popularised by Tinder in favour of asking users to answer question prompts and start conversations," The Verge reported.

02:26:02 on 21 Sep

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After facing a backlash over reports in July that third-party app developers can read your Gmail, Google has once again defended its policy to allow third-party apps to access and share data from Gmail accounts. According to a CNNMoney report on Thursday, Gmail lets third-party developers integrate services into its email platform.

12:55:01 on 21 Sep

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The growing scale and complexity in cyber-attacks in recent years have increased the significance of cyber security. This calls for the creation of three million cyber warriors to tackle the challenges in the country. Telangana, being the first State to launch its Cyber Security Policy and HSC is engaged in setting up cyber defence infrastructure to combat cyber-attacks.

11:11:02 on 21 Sep

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It’s now generally accepted that as AI advances into fields of work that were formerly considered skilled labour, a huge number of manual and white collar jobs are likely to disappear. These are the kinds of jobs that require learning and applying patterns, unemotional calculation and mechanistic problem solving. Think: medical diagnosis, legal contracts and engineering.

07:55:01 on 21 Sep

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In the imagination of every audiophile, there’s a pair of “endgame” headphones that finally ease our worried minds. Headphones that transcend technical nitpicking and just make us want to listen. Call them zero-FOMO headphones. I have reviewed only two such examples: Focal’s $3,400 Utopia and Sennheiser’s $1,700 HD800 S.

01:27:01 on 21 Sep

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Just over a month into its seven-year mission to touch the Sun, NASA's Parker Solar Probe has beamed back the first-light data from each of its four instrument suites, the US space agency said. On September 9, Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe's the only imager on the probe -- door was opened, allowing the instrument to take the first images during its journey to the Sun.

10:57:02 on 20 Sep

OnePlus 6T name has been confirmed in an official Amazon India listing. The phone will be Amazon exclusive in India, and the ‘Notify Me’ page is now live on the site. It also lists new Type-C Bullets earphones, which will launch alongside the phone. OnePlus 6T is expected to make its debut in the first week of October, though an official launch date has not been confirmed

09:40:01 on 20 Sep

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Reliance JioPhone is slowly transforming into a feature-packed, affordable phone as it already has Google services in it. Recently the phone got WhatsApp and this week, YouTube will be available on the JioStore. The app was demoed alongside Facebook’s messaging app and the web version of YouTube caters to all the features of the regular app we use on smartphones.

04:27:01 on 20 Sep

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The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Facebook on behalf of three women job seekers who accused the social media giant of posting ads that are shown only to men. The women job seekers accused Facebook for targeting ads for jobs in male-dominated fields to younger male Facebook users only -- excluding all women and non-binary individuals, as well as older male users.

02:10:04 on 19 Sep

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Apple was said to revolutionise the wireless charging segment with its AirPower pad that was announced along with iPhone X last year. Months later, the disruptive charging pad is yet to see the light of day. Now, new reports suggest the commercial launch of AirPower charging pad is not happening anytime soon.

12:25:01 on 19 Sep

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Tambo Mobile has recently announced its foray into Karnataka by launching its flagship TA-3 alongside 7 feature phones. The flagship smartphone is categorised as ‘Superphone’ and is available in three colours. The phone comes with a price tag of Rs 4,999 along with a free protective cover. The phones will be available across distributors in Karnataka.

10:25:01 on 18 Sep

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SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space transportation company, on Monday named its first private passenger as Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa, the founder and chief executive of online fashion retailer Zozo. A former drummer in a punk band, billionaire Maezawa will will take a trip around the moon aboard its forthcoming Big Falcon Rocket spaceship.

02:56:01 on 18 Sep

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Digital assistants now deliver news

“What’s the news?” has become a familiar refrain for consumers with smart speakers, opening up a new channel for publishers but also raising concerns about the growing influence of tech platforms in media. Devices such as Amazon’s Alexa-powered speakers, Google Home and Apple HomePod are giving users the option to get more in-depth news, just by asking.

02:41:01 on 18 Sep

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Tesla Inc’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Sunday acknowledged that the electric carmaker’s problems have now shifted to delivery logistics from production delays, the latest speed bump in its efforts to achieve profitability. “Sorry, we’ve gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell, but this problem is far more tractable.

11:25:01 on 17 Sep

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As Apple refreshed its luxury iPhone line-up last week, Manu Jain who is Vice President, Xiaomi Global and Managing Director, Xiaomi India, tweeted: "Choose wisely -- MI (Xiaomi) or EMI". The company is in no mood to compete with Xiaomi or other Chinese brands but aims to keep its brand image and aspirational value intact, say experts.

02:55:01 on 17 Sep

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As expected, Apple launched three iPhones on Wednesday, 12 September, the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR. These phones will come to the Indian market by the end of this month, but how much are they going to cost and what features do they offer this year? Here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone series.

09:32:29 on 16 Sep

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WhatsApp is working on some cool features for its platform which will stimulate the experience of messaging through the app. However, that’s not all. The Facebook-owned messenger app will also introduce the dark mode for its app very soon, similar to what YouTube recently got for Android users. The dark mode will considerably lower the strain.

07:25:02 on 16 Sep

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Google has developed a prototype of a censored search engine for China, ‘Dragonfly’, that links users’ search history to their personal phone numbers. This means if security agencies were to obtain the search records from Google, individual people could easily be tracked and users seeking out information banned by the govt could potentially be at risk of interrogation.

03:25:02 on 16 Sep

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As expected, Apple launched three iPhones on Wednesday, 12 September, the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR. These phones will come to the Indian market by the end of this month, but how much are they going to cost and what features do they offer this year? Here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone series.

09:12:01 on 15 Sep

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The Madras High Court on Friday directed the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to submit a flow chart by September 20, listing out steps taken by it so far for the proposed Chennai-Salem expressway. The court also wanted to know the current stage of environmental impact assessment (EIA) as well as other studies carried out for the project.

07:25:01 on 15 Sep

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UIDAI is expected to rollout face recognition feature as an additional mode of authentication for Aadhaar on Saturday, starting with telecom service providers. The UIDAI said the ‘live face photo’ capture and its verification with the photo obtained in eKYC will be essential in those cases where Aadhaar is used for issuance of mobile SIMs.

02:55:01 on 15 Sep

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It’s official: Google is killing Inbox, the app that promised to change the way you use email, by March 2019. The announcement has not been met with joy by many loyal users. After all, the app does have close to 10 million downloads on Android. But the shutting down of Inbox follows the long-established trend of Google killing some of its most hyped products.

06:25:01 on 15 Sep

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The Mysuru campus of India's second largest software exporter, Infosys, has been awarded the LEED EBOM Platinum certification by the United States Green Building Council. Infosys now has 18.25 million square feet of highest rated green buildings, out of which 16.9 million square feet are LEED Platinum rated and 1.35 million square feet are GRIHA 5-star rated buildings.

09:25:02 on 14 Sep

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Facebook to fact check photos, videos

Facebook says it’s expanding its fact-checking programme to include photos and videos as it fights fake news and misinformation on its service. The move comes as bad actors seeking to sow political discord in the U.S. and elsewhere embrace images and video to spread misinformation. If they are untrue or misleading, Facebook will label them as such.

02:25:01 on 14 Sep

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Apple Inc presented the new Apple Watch Series 4 able to take an electrocardiogram to detect an irregular heartbeat and start an emergency call automatically if it detects a user falling down. Apple has rapidly gained share in the watch market, with research firm CCS Insight estimating that the tech giant will come close this year to matching sales of Swiss watches.

01:10:02 on 14 Sep

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Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, Twitter is flooded with ‘I’ll have to sell a kidney to buy it’ jokes — and not without reason. For, the prices are, as some call it, “downright ridiculous”. The world’s first trillion dollar company has ensured the trend continues, by pricing its entry-level variant of the iPhone XS Max at a whopping $1099.

10:11:01 on 14 Sep

Indian rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) will put into orbit on Sunday two foreign satellites – NovaSAR and S1-4 – together weighing 889 kg, said a top official. “The September 16 rocket launch will be a full commercial launch. The rocket will be carrying only the two foreign satellites,” K. Sivan, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

07:29:05 on 14 Sep

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Walmart is relaunching with new features that signify its efforts to take on retail giants like Amazon. The rebranded is now focusing on appealing to shoppers in major metro cities like New York where their shopping experience will be tailored to localized imagery and messages, and, most significantly, three-hour deliveries.

05:26:02 on 14 Sep

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Hadeel Ayoub slips a black glove onto her hand before beginning the swish of sign language that is meaningless to the untrained observer. Then she pushes a button on her wrist, and a small speaker relays the message drawn in the air: “Let’s Dance!” Ayoub’s glove is just one example of a bigger trend as entrepreneurs, startups and companies try to harness the power of AI.

01:25:01 on 14 Sep

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Facebook is better prepared to defend against efforts to manipulate the platform to influence elections and has recently thwarted foreign influence campaigns targeting several countries, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said. Facebook has taken several steps to protect against misinformation and manipulation campaigns aimed at disrupting elections.

10:40:02 on 13 Sep

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One of India's most wanted in an Rs. 13,000 crore bank fraud case, Mehul Choksi, who fled the country in January, has blamed the govt for the uncertain future he says his 6,000 employees and shareholders are facing. Speaking on camera for the second time from Antigua, Mehul Choksi said he had been living in "terror" just because of a "wrong complaint" filed earlier.

10:51:08 on 12 Sep

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Samsung Opera House, which the company says is its largest mobile experience centre in the world, has opened in Bengaluru. The centre will showcase the company’s products ranging from mobiles, tablets, QLED TVs, Smart TVs, refrigerators, wearable, etc. The highlight will be the home theatre zone that users can pre-book to watch movies with family and friends free of cost.

09:41:01 on 12 Sep

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Samsung is releasing a SmartThings tracker that’s powered by LTE-M (instead of Bluetooth) to help you find stuff. The cellular network allows it to be used for real-time location tracking for your pets and kids as well as misplaced items. The power button on the tracker, when pressed twice, will send its location through the SmartThings app.

04:25:01 on 11 Sep

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How AI can help protect India’s tigers

Tigers are one of the most majestic and widely recognised big cats across the world. Tiger population has plummeted 95% in the last century, putting the animal on the global endangered list, with some sub-species extinct in the wild. For an animal that requires no human intervention to thrive, yet needs human protection, technology may be the only path to conservation.

02:55:01 on 11 Sep

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A tractor still needs a driver. But if you can have driverless cars and trucks, then why not have tractors without drivers? While Mahindra has showcased their concept driverless tractors, India is also home to the first driverless electric tractor developed by AutoNXT Automation. Farmers in India, too, may soon taste the benefit of having home-grown driverless tractors.

08:40:01 on 10 Sep

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Smartphones that support NavIC - Navigation with Indian Constellation - the navigation system developed by India using IRNSS, will be out in the market for the first time by the end of 2018. It is not yet clear as to whether the Central government will insist on the use of NavIC as the default navigation system in India.

08:25:01 on 09 Sep

The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV), being built by ISRO, will offer affordable launch options in India and help boost revenues, Antrix, the space agency’s commercial arm, has said.
The SSLV is expected to be cleared for launch by next year. It will be exclusively for small satellites such as nanosats and cubesats, S Rakesh, the chief of Antrix, said.

07:25:01 on 09 Sep

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How do you know that the original-like charger of your smartphone is not fake? And, it’s not making any harm to your smartphone? While brands like Samsung, Apple and OnePlus provide their proprietary chargers, there are several manufacturers who sell fake ones which are build for cheap.

12:25:01 on 09 Sep

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The video streaming segment in India is seeing more players joining in each day. And with this original content also growing. Amazon Prime and Netflix have been developing original content in India, be it movies or series. Even as YouTube is getting ready do battle the two major rivals, Netflix and Amazon are making huge investments in getting local contents.

02:55:01 on 08 Sep

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The first ever conviction in a cyber crime case in Karnataka happened on Friday when the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM) Court sentenced Shivaprasad Sajjan, a software engineer and lawyer, to two years imprisonment and Rs 25,000 fine. Shivaprasad (38), a resident of Bagalkot, was found guilty under Section 67 of the Information Technology Act.

01:27:01 on 08 Sep

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Suzuki to test EVs in India

Japanese auto giant Suzuki Motor Corporation will start testing a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) in India next month onwards with an aim to commercially introduce such vehicles here by 2020. They will start road running a test using 50 EV prototype vehicles for developing safe and easy-to-use EVs for Indian customers in line with Indian climatic and traffic conditions.

12:55:01 on 08 Sep

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France has offered India its expertise in space medicine, astronaut health monitoring, life support and radiation protection for India’s proposed manned space mission. As France has already developed the required technologies and applications for a manned space mission, a working group will be set up to share its expertise in space medicine and others.

11:31:54 on 07 Sep

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Clues found in free email services such as Gmail helped US investigators track down a North Korean hacker charged with crimes stemming from the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment and the 2017 “WannaCry” ransomware operation. The email services were used for routine business as well as for phishing attacks by Korean Expo Joint Venture.

08:40:01 on 07 Sep

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Kakinada gets a ‘Smart’ push

The Command Control Centre is being established as part of the Smart City initiative and is going to be first of its kind venture in AP. Cameras and sensors will be connected to the centre through optical fibre network. It was scheduled to be completed at least two years ago but inordinate delay took place in the execution and now the works are in the final stage.

11:35:01 on 07 Sep

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