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The European Union is not doing enough to preserve the benefits for Iran from the 2015 international nuclear pact following the withdrawal of the United States, Iran's foreign minister told the EU's energy chief on Sunday. Tehran wanted the 28-nation bloc to act fast to preserve its oil trade with Iran and to consider making direct euro-denominated payments for Iranian oil.

05:56:02 on 22 May

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A teenaged boy who shot and killed eight students and two teachers in Texas had been spurned by one of his victims after making aggressive advances, her mother said. Sadie Rodriguez, the mother of Shana Fisher, 16, told the newspaper that her daughter rejected four months of aggressive advances from accused shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, at the Santa Fe high school.

02:26:01 on 21 May

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's informal summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is to take place in the afternoon today in Sochi where the two leaders will discuss developmental priorities and bilateral matters of their respective countries. This is the first informal summit between the two leaders.Modi is flying in only for a day at the "invitation of Mr Putin".

12:22:52 on 21 May

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Last minute preparations are underway as Muslims around the world stock up on groceries and dates for evening meals to break dawn-to-dusk fasting during the month of Ramzan. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim-majority nations, like Egypt and Indonesia, declared Ramzan would begin Thursday based on a moon-sighting methodology.

05:40:02 on 16 May

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Jailed Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim walked free today after receiving a royal pardon, paving the way for his return to national politics as the presumptive successor to PM Mahathir Mohammed following a stunning election upset. Smiling and looking spry in a tailored black suit, Anwar emerged from a Kuala Lumpur hospital where he had undergone surgery for a shoulder problem.

11:57:01 on 16 May

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Many female journalists in Japan said on Tuesday that they were teaming up to fight sexual harassment in the media industry as it is believed to be widespread in the country. The #MeToo movement has been slow to take off in Japan. The issue hit the headlines recently after the finance ministry admitted its top bureaucrat had harassed a female reporter.

07:12:01 on 16 May

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The UN rights office said Tuesday it seemed that any Palestinian protesting in Gaza, regardless of whether they pose an imminent threat, is "liable" to be killed by Israeli forces. "The mere fact of approaching a fence is not a lethal, life-threatening act, so that does not warrant being shot," rights office spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters in Geneva.

09:10:01 on 15 May

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The White House has “quietly killed” a USD 10-million per year NASA program that tracks carbon and methane, key greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, the journal Science said. NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) tracked sources and sinks for carbon and made high-resolution models of the planet’s flows of carbon, said the report.

08:56:02 on 12 May

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The Mount Merapi volcano on densely populated Java island is one of the most active in Indonesia and a series of eruptions in 2010 killed more than 350 people. A disaster mitigation agency told residents living within a 5 km (3 mile) radius of the mountain to move to shelters, agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a statement.

03:40:02 on 11 May

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Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, held his last meeting with shareholders on Thursday and handed to his eldest son the keys to his $35.3 billion empire, bringing to a close a rags-to-riches story that made him an icon in the financial hub. Li, who started out as a factory apprentice at 12, is stepping aside from a conglomerate that employs 323,000 employees.

07:11:01 on 11 May

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Drivers in western Poland were caught in a sticky mess on Wednesday after a tanker carrying liquid chocolate overturned and spilled its contents onto the road. All four lanes of the highway connecting the city of Poznan to Warsaw were covered by the brown goo. It was not immediately clear why the truck, which local reports said had been carrying 12 tons of chocolate, overturned.

08:57:01 on 10 May

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At least 27 people died after a dam burst in southern Kenya, sweeping away their homes while many of them were asleep, police said Thursday. After a severe drought, weeks of torrential rains in Kenya have led to flooding and mudslides that have left 159 dead. The private Patel dam, used for irrigation and fish farming, burst on Wednesday evening in Solai, near Nakuru.

08:05:01 on 10 May

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Veteran Malaysian politician Mahathir Mohamad is set to become the world's oldest leader after a shock victory in the country's election when he upended six decades of control by the ruling coalition. In his triumphant return to front-line Malaysian politics, Prime Minister-elect Mahathir pledged to form a new government quickly.

06:56:02 on 10 May

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U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he is not interested in winning a Noble Peace Prize but wants victory for the world. The South Korean President recently said Mr. Trump deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts with regard to North Korea. Mr. Trump said his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would be a very good thing for the region and the world.

01:04:30 on 10 May

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Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has scored a historic victory in the general election, official results show. The election commission said Mr Mahathir's opposition alliance had won 115 seats, over the threshold of 112 seats needed to form a government. Mr Mahathir, 92, defeated the governing Barisan Nasional coalition, which has been in power for more than 60 years.

10:26:01 on 10 May

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President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran would remain committed to a multinational nuclear deal despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 agreement designed to deny Tehran the ability to build nuclear weapons. Trump’s decision to exit the deal could tip the balance of power in favour of hardliners looking to constrain Rouhani's west-friendly government.

02:10:01 on 09 May

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The leaders of China, Japan and South Korea met in Tokyo on Wednesday in a powerful gesture of solidarity against the backdrop of historic diplomatic moves by North Korea and a push for the isolated country to give up its nuclear weapons. Last held in Seoul in 2015, the three-way summit has regularly brought together the East Asian neighbours.

11:25:01 on 09 May

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