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Tonga has been plunged into virtual cyber darkness after an undersea cable broke, cutting off the Pacific island kingdom from almost all cell phone and Internet services. While life without the Internet may be considered a paradise for many, Tonga relies heavily on links with the outside world for daily supplies and vital tourist earnings, and faced "an absolute disaster".

10:02:41 on 23 Jan

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India on Tuesday shared with Pakistan the coordinates of the Kartarpur Corridor crossing point along the International Border with Pakistan. The Union Cabinet in November last year decided to develop the Kartarpur Corridor as part of the 550th birth year celebrations of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev, later this year year.

06:55:02 on 23 Jan

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In the wake of reports about 31 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar being stranded at the India-Bangladesh border, the government on Tuesday said it will handle such matters through mutual consultation with neighbouring countries. These 31 Rohingya Muslims have been stranded since Friday at Zero Line on the India-Bangladesh border with western Tripura.

09:25:01 on 22 Jan

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Russian authorities said that a passenger plane bound for Moscow has been forced to land shortly after take-off in a suspected hijacking. The National Anti-Terrorism Committee said an unnamed man on the flight, bound from a Siberian city to Moscow, ordered the crew to divert the plane to Afghanistan. The plane landed in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk about 230 km to the west.

08:10:02 on 22 Jan

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US President Donald Trump has made 8,158 false or misleading claims since taking office, according to a media report. The report came a day after Trump completed two years in office on Sunday. The president averaged nearly 5.9 false or misleading claims a day in his first year in office. But he hit nearly 16.5 a day in his second year, almost triple the pace.

01:57:01 on 22 Jan

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Days after a woman lodged a police complaint against a Pakistan High Commission official for allegedly touching her inappropriately at a market, New Delhi has complained to Islamabad about two Indian diplomats being threatened of retaliatory complaints by Pakistani security personnel. The Indian High Commission in Islamabad has sent a “note verbale” detailing the incident.

11:32:01 on 22 Jan

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The influx of thousands of refugees is not the only concern for India as far as the decades-old civil war in Myanmar is concerned. The war is actually coming closer home. The civil war between Arakan Army, the Rakhine-based insurgent group, and the Myanmar Army, understood to be almost over, is still simmering intermittently and has come very close to India.

10:08:16 on 22 Jan

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A book written by a former White House staffer has described back-stabbing and duplicity within the West Wing and claimed that it was "out of control". "Team of Vipers", written by Cliff Sims, a former communications staff member and a President Donald Trump loyalist who worked on his campaign, is slated to be published at the end of January, reports The New York Times.

03:13:18 on 21 Jan

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British PM Theresa May is considering solving a Brexit deadlock by amending a 1998 agreement that ended 30 years of violence in Northern Ireland after ditching attempts to negotiate a cross-party deal, the Daily Telegraph reported. Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement that largely ended years of violence between Irish republicans and pro-British unionists

10:12:47 on 21 Jan

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Israel's military said it carried out strikes on Iranian targets in Syria early Monday after it intercepted a rocket fired from Syrian territory hours before. It said in a statement it was "currently striking" the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force in Syria and warned Syria's military against "attempting to harm Israeli territory or forces".

08:26:15 on 21 Jan

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US President Donald Trump bitterly attacked top Democrat Nancy Pelosi on Sunday and she again insisted that he end the government shutdown before border security talks can begin, but there were hints of possible movement. Nancy Pelosi called Trump's offer of temporary protections for about a million immigrants in return for $5.7 billion to fund the wall a "non-starter."

06:57:01 on 21 Jan

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Women’s March Global brings together a diverse community of women from around the world, seeking to create a future of equality and justice. The march exposes the magnitude of sexual harassment, economic abuse, dowry, trans-violence, child marriage, acid attacks and other forms of violence that women suffer all over the world.

10:25:01 on 20 Jan

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Can play save the world?

This class in Dhaka, Bangladesh is part of a global experiment to bring play to kids. At more than 513 “play labs” in Uganda, Tanzania and Bangladesh, kids participate a child-centered curriculum built by a team of global play scholars delivered in a space designed by architects, right down to the corners for stories, crafts and dreaming.

12:25:01 on 20 Jan

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Donation-based crowdfunding platform BackaBuddy has welcomed more than 50 new campaigns since December for students looking to fund-raise for university deposits, textbooks and tuition. Among them is 33-year-old Unisa student René Morcom. She is the first student to address ehealth in the history of Unisa and needs help to fund her tuition.

02:34:49 on 19 Jan

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George W. Bush has been an unintentional beneficiary of the Trump administration, his reputation buoyed with the benefit of time and an unpopular president from his own party. On Friday, he continued to embrace the role of good guy, with a photo of himself delivering pizzas to his Secret Service detail that he posted on Instagram.

10:48:38 on 19 Jan

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Trump told me to have polls rigged: Cohen

U.S. President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen has said that he paid the head of a small technology company thousands in 2015 to rig online polls. Mr. Cohen was responding on Thursday to a report in The Wall Street Journal that he paid John Gauger, the owner of RedFinch Solutions LLC, for activities related to the President’s campaign.

10:36:44 on 18 Jan

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British Prime Minister Theresa May was consulting opposition parties and other lawmakers on Thursday in a battle to get Brexit back on track after surviving a no-confidence vote, talks that were branded a "stunt" by the main opposition leader. Across the Channel, European Union countries were stepping up preparations for a disorderly British exit on March 29.

07:55:02 on 18 Jan

China has warned its citizens to stay alert about spiritual courses offered by Indian religious schools, warning that some of them are mired in “sexual assault” cases and urged its citizens to stay off “suspected religious cults”. The alert was issued by MPS, China’s police, after a Taiwanese actress promoted a spiritual course offered by a south India-based organisation.

06:11:21 on 17 Jan

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"Unpresidented: Trump Hastily Departs White House Ending Crisis. Celebrations break out worldwide as Trump era ends." Newspapers bearing the above banner headline, under The Washington Post masthead were distributed to pedestrians in Washington DC, leading many to temporarily believe that the Rapture or rapture had finally arrived. Alas, it was fake news.

01:01:19 on 17 Jan

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British Prime Minister Theresa May narrowly survived a no-confidence vote sparked by the crushing defeat of her Brexit deal just weeks before the UK leaves the European Union. A stunning 24-hour span saw May on Tuesday dealt the heaviest drubbing by parliament in modern British political history -- 432 votes to 202 -- over the divorce terms she reached with Brussels.

06:17:29 on 17 Jan

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On January 15, MPs in the UK Parliament voted against Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal by an overwhelming majority. Now she faces a confidence vote, which could result in a general election if the government loses and a new one isn't formed in 14 days. But here's a more interesting question: what can the whole Brexit saga teach us about love? Read on.

10:55:01 on 16 Jan

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The European Union could push back the looming March 29 Brexit deadline if London made such a request, France's Europe Minister Nathalie Loiseau said on wednesday. "At the time of speaking, it's just a theory because Mrs May has never asked for it and neither has anyone in her entourage," Ms Loiseau told France Inter radio.

03:13:12 on 16 Jan

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By now, businesses should have started preparing for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. Instead, they are left playing a guessing game on what the final outcome will be. Indian businesses operating in the EU will be pondering their fate too. That Brexit will have implications for business is known, but its implications are far from clear.

02:45:42 on 16 Jan

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India-born Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of global beverage giant PepsiCo, is being considered by the White House for the new World Bank president, according to a leading American daily. Nooyi, 63, stepped down as PepsiCo's chief last August after leading the company for 12 years. t is unclear whether Nooyi would accept the nomination if chosen by the Trump administration.

11:40:03 on 16 Jan

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Britain's parliament resoundingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, triggering a no-confidence vote in her government and plunging its plans to leave the EU into further disarray. MPs voted 432 to 202 against May's plan for taking Britain out of the European Union, the biggest parliamentary defeat for a government in modern British political history.

05:57:01 on 16 Jan

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Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun plans to pursue an education, get a job and “ a normal life” in Canada - things she said she could not do in her home of Saudi Arabia, which she fled fearing for her life, she told Canadian media. Being in Canada is “a very good feeling," she said two days after arriving in Toronto from Bangkok. "It’s something that is worth the risk I took.”

10:10:03 on 15 Jan

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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he will ask Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to ensure that the killers of journalist Jamal Khashoggi are held accountable for their crime. Mr. Pompeo spoke ahead of a politically sensitive visit to Saudi Arabia, which has faced intense international scrutiny over Khashoggi’s murder inside its Istanbul consulate.

10:55:02 on 13 Jan

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An influential US lawmaker has introduced legislation in Congress to terminate the designation of Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally. Introduced by Republican Congressman Andy Briggs, the resolution 73, introduced in the House of Representatives, seeks termination of Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally and also sets conditions for its re-designation if any.

06:04:15 on 13 Jan

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Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu ever elected to US Congress, is running for the White House in 2020 and could end up vying with Kamala Harris, who is likely to run also, for the support and, most importantly, the financial backing of the country’s richest ethnic community, Indian Americans. Gabbard is a three-term member of the US House of Representative from Hawaii.

10:35:20 on 12 Jan

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Macedonian politicians voted on Friday to change the country's name to "Republic of North Macedonia", settling a decades-long row with Greece and paving the way for NATO and EU membership. Parliamentary speaker Talad Xhaferi said 81 MPs had voted in favor of the name change in the 120-seat chamber, securing the required two-thirds majority.

05:57:01 on 12 Jan

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Army Chief Bipin Rawat waded into choppy waters when he told a panel at ORF’s Raisina Dialogue that talks with Taliban are “in our interest, region’s interest, and in Pakistan’s interest. We all want stability”. The comment is surprising. General Bipin Rawat has gone where no one in Delhi has gone before in recent months.

08:55:01 on 10 Jan

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Cambridge Analytica Fined $19,000

A British court fined a sister company of consulting firm Cambridge Analytica $19,000 for failing to disclose fully what information it held on an individual who had asked to know, the data regulator said.
This was the first prosecution of the now defunct Cambridge Analytica, a company being investigated for how it used personal information gleaned on Facebook.

09:30:24 on 10 Jan

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Gita Gopinath Joins IMF as Chief Economist

Mysore-born Gita Gopinath has joined International Monetary Fund as its chief economist, becoming the first woman to occupy the top IMF post. The John Zwaanstra professor of International Studies and Economics at Harvard University, Gopinath, 47, succeeds Maurice (Maury) Obstfeld as Economic Counsellor and Director of the IMF's Research Department.

11:10:59 on 08 Jan

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World Bank President Jim Yong Kim unexpectedly announced his resignation on Monday, setting up a potential dispute between the U.S. and other member countries over selecting the next leader of the world’s largest development-finance institution. Kim plans to leave the bank on Feb. 1, nearly three years before his term was set to expire to join a firm.

07:15:13 on 08 Jan

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