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Skywatchers from all around the world will have another celestial event to watch out for April 19 i.e. today when the Pink Easter Moon will rise to the skies near the western horizon and or eastern horizon. For the unknown, the Pink Easter Moon will be the fourth full moon of the year. The Pink Easter Moon will occur at 4:12 a.m. PDT and 7:12 a.m. EDT in the morning.

07:40:01 on 19 Apr

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How To Harvest Rainwater in Urban Areas?

Chennai is at the verge of entering a drought and all this because of our carelessness to save and utilise rainwater. Ram Shankar, deputy director of The Rain Centre talks about the methods of saving rainwater in Urban areas.

04:46:33 on 17 Apr

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It's a race against time. More than eight million tonnes of plastic that end up in the sea every year become more and more dangerous for marine fauna as they break up and are mistaken for food. It’s not widely known that nearly 90 per cent of the plastic that ends up in the ocean has been transported there by one of 10 great rivers.

10:25:39 on 16 Apr

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Celebrating the awesomeness of Journalism

Divya Karthikeyan, an award-winning independent journalist who has worked in different news organizations and worked on various topics gives insights on how to be a good journalist and bring out news stories that can have an impact. She is going to New York this August to pursue Literary Reporting in the New York University.

01:05:50 on 14 Apr

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As Chennai braces itself for the month of intense heat, the water crisis is the main issue that stands tall in the eyes of Chennaiites. The betrayal of North East Monsoon to bring rainfall had led to a drastic decrease in the groundwater level. Before the issue of water shortage peaks up, let's ask Shekar Raghavan, the pioneer of Rainwater harvesting from The Rain Centre.

04:32:49 on 11 Apr

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When people say pen is mightier than sword it is true, one story on a serious issue can create a huge spark. Sharada Balasubramian is one such environmental journalist who writes to make an impact in the world.

04:18:20 on 11 Apr

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New York City declared a public health emergency Tuesday and ordered mandatory vaccinations for measles in a part of Brooklyn that is home to a large Orthodox Jewish community. The city took the unusual step amid a surge of 285 measles cases in the city since September, most in one densely packed neighbourhood where people now have to get vaccines or risk a $1,000 fine.

11:44:16 on 10 Apr

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Cane-cutting contractors are unwilling to hire women who menstruate, so hysterectomies have become the norm. Women in Vanjarwadi, say that it is the “norm” in villages to remove the uterus after having two or three children. Menstrual periods hinder work and attract fines. The answer, in Beed, is to go in for a hysterectomy.

02:57:02 on 09 Apr

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